Terms and Conditions

Megan’s Dog Walking Service

Terms and Conditions

  • All walks must be paid for in advance. Walk will not be done until payment has been received.
  • EFTs to BSB 306-048 Acc 0904232. Made payable to Megan Tee, please use dogs name and suburb as reference in all fields. Funds must be available before walks commence. This can take up to 2 working days. Please allow for this when scheduling your payment and if it is transferred less than 2 days prior to commencement, please text the pay anyone confirmation to 0412664032 at the time of transfer.
  • To qualify for ‘Regular’ client rate bookings must a) be ongoing and average at least 4 times every 4 weeks; and b) last for a minimum of 30 walks. If service is cancelled before that walks received will revert to casual rate, balance due immediately.
  • For regular clients payments fall due on the last paid walk of the series and must be received before next walk is done. This can be done weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Please use recurring payment option or another reminder.
  • If at all possible easy, independent access to your dog is preferred. Please avoid small fiddly padlocks with small fiddly keys. If there is more than one key please provide small key ring without a tag. Please consider coloured aluminium or other identification if having key cut.
  • Other than in extreme circumstances, I do not arrange walks to specific 1/2 hour time slots. Generally I can give a window of approximately 3 hours within which I can be expected to arrive. This may require some flexibility to accommodate frequently changing or casual bookings, clientele needs and weather conditions.
  • Unless specifically required, dogs that are walked while their owners aren’t home are usually done anytime between 9am and 5pm.
  • If for any reason a regular walk is not required, particularly in extreme weather conditions (hot or wet), needs to be rescheduled or is unable to be done it is the owners responsibility to notify Megan before arrival and as far in advance as possible. Short notice or same day cancellations ie. those concerning “today” or “tomorrow”, will be charged at full price, or $25 whichever is the lesser.
  • If contact regarding a cancellation is not made and a walk is not required or unable to be done, for whatever reason, when I arrive, the walk will be charged at full price.
Please text me for all changes, cancellations or queries
Megan 0412 664 032
Or you can e-mail me at megan@megansdogwalking.com


The Process

Firstly I like to meet you and your dog(s) before 100% committing to commencing walking your dog. This usually takes the form of taking your dog for a quick complimentary five (5) minute walk while you stay at home. In some situations some owners, however, are happy for this to be the first of their paid walks.
This first walk serves both as an introduction to you and your dog, and also to let your dog know that it is alright with you that I take him/her for a walk without you.
For regular ongoing clients this initial meeting is often the only time I have the opportunity to talk to you face to face so this also makes it the best time to:
  • Give you a hard copy of my Terms and Conditions to read and an Acknowledgement slip to sign.
  • Discuss and arrange walk days and times.
  • Discuss and arrange how I will gain (independent?) access to your dog and lead.
  • Discuss my ability and willingness to be flexible on any arrangements made at this time if communication is received prior to a scheduled dog walk.
  • Discuss and arrange payment agreement.
In the instance of a short term/temporary booking due to you going away we can also go through and arrange:
  • Payment of 25% deposit if not yet received at time of booking.
  • Benefit of doing a weekly walk if necessary until you leave.
  • Feeding specifications if required.
  • Return of key.

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